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We Have Organised Digital Tourism Search Conference And Cinema Museum Tour

We organized the Digital Tourism Search Conference, which is the first event of the UpSocial Project.

The event, held online on January 10th, Tuesday, was attended by Ceyhun Tuzcu, the General Manager of Istanbul Cinema Museum, and the guides from the Future Guides Platform specializing in the field of digital tourism.

During the interactive event, we came together with young people interested in digital tourism. The young participants not only found answers to their questions in this field but also gained new experiences.

Following the Digital Tourism Search Conference, we gathered with our participants for a tour of the Istanbul Cinema Museum. On January 31st, Tuesday, we came together for our tour, where Istanbul Cinema Museum, showcasing the most innovative approaches in this field, integrated the world of cinema from the past to the present with digital tools, providing participants with a highly innovative experiential opportunity.

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